History of Second Round

The 2nd International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education – RTECONF – took place on March 6-8, 2020 at Hotel Memories Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. RTECONF 2020 proved once again that it’s a must-attend event for academics, scholars, and researchers in the field of teaching and education.

Members of the academia traveled to RTECONF from every corner of the world: South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UK, Thailand, US, AUE, Pakistan, Congo, Japan, Slovakia, Greece, Estonia, and others. However, it was not only the international nature of the event that made it so special. It’s also the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of the attendees, each bringing their own unique perspective.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that this diversity combined with insightful presentations resulted in an intense learning experience. Topics that were covered by the program included: factors affecting saving behaviors of the ministry of public health employees, linear homogeneous differential equations of third and fourth-order using GeoGebra software for engineering students, and others.

To make sure the audience walks away not only with a suitcase full of knowledge, but unforgettable memories, we organized a free guided walking tour of the city. Budapest is a magnificent city with much to offer to its visitors. From the architecture to its cuisine, to the harmony between the old and the new – Budapest is a traveler’s paradise.

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International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education
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